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Watercolor Heroes, part 3

Now, I’m trying to get some movement, something more dynamic. Trying is the operative word.

We have Quicksilver (the Scarlet Witch’s brother. And they are Magneto’s kids too! And they used to be villains before they were pardoned and join the Avengers) and Iron Man.

At that point, I got impatient and decided to use a marker to outline the character. That second Iron Man is a test on different paper because I was testing that other paper too.

Then follows Hawkeye (he was also a villain for a short time before he too was pardoned and join the Avengers), with the marker outline.

Watercolor Heroes, part 2

Trying to get a background that would help the drawing. Still too soft for my taste. I think I might be starting to understand that color thing. Might.

I had my mind on only drawings Avengers from that point on.

The Vision (the android), the Scarlet Witch (the Vision’s wife… no kidding), the Incredible Hulk (smiling to a kitty, how cute) and Miss Marvel (before Rogue stole her powers).